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Featured Coaches in Alphabetical Order

( GDP is Gateway Dreaming Practitioner)

Patti Allen, CSC, GDP, MA

Patti has appeared as a frequent guest on television and radio where she teaches the public to work with their dreams; most recently, in a 13-week television series called “In Dreams”, on W and currently on the Viva Network in Canada.


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Terry Bowen, GDP, Certified Soul Coach, Advanced Interior Alignment® Practitioner, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader

I love helping people to live the life they desire, and use different modalities and techniques I have learnt to help my clients create positive change in their lives.

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LuAnn Cibik, GDP, Certified Soul Coaching®; Interior Alignment® Master Educator and Practitioner, Certified Soul Coaching Oracle Card Reader; Medicine Wheel Feng Shui™ Practitioner.
Located in Pittsburgh PA, USA, with clients and students worldwide through my
online courses and coaching!  


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Kelly Ann Chamchuk, GDP, Certified Soul Coaching® / Interior Alignment Instinctive Feng Shui Practitioner™

Joyfully serving the Tri-Cities/ Vancouver area, happy to customize for retreats.


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Char Jung, GDP, Certified Soul Coach, Soul Coaching® Oracle Card Reader, Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki and Drum Reiki Practitioner, Crystal Tuning Fork Practitioner & Dowser. It is my passion to help people live the life their heart desires! By using an array of modalities and techniques and listening to the Spirit Team that travels with me, I'm able to open doorways for people so that they may live the life they dream of...Sessions are via Skype or in person visit her website
Why use a Gateway Dream Coach?

Certified Gateway Dream coaches have a wealth of knowledge, background, training and tools to launch you on the path to using your dreams in deep and profound ways.

With ideas on ways you can have better sleep through the items and symbolism you place in your bedroom, to what you eat before sleeping, to programming yourself for dreams to assist you in waking life, a Certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioner & Coach is your ally in this venture to the land of dreams!

Coaches offer private sessions as well as group classes.

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All Certified Gateway Dreaming Practitioners  in Alphabetical Order
Name Location phone/email
Patti Allen Ontario, CA 416-567-0709
Lori Anthony B.C. Canada
Mona-Lynne Ayotte Manitoba, Canada 
Bridget Bourne Rhode Island, USA
Terry Bowen London, UK 
Jennifer Nicole Bremault Calgary, Alberta, CA 403 852-1923
LuAnn Cibik Pennsylvania, USA 
Kelly Chamchuk British Columbia, CA
Judy Chang Ney York, USA
Michelle Chant ACT, Australia 0402 504 788
Melissa Kim Corter Arizona, USA
Eveline Couvee Zandvoort The Netherlands
Tami DeBoer Idaho, USA
Wendy Digout Nova Scotia,Canada
Zuri Eberhart Florida USA
Sophia Fairchild Sydney, Australia
Marie Christine Fanget CA, USA 65 575 5901
Amanda Fencker Denmark
Dawn Gross MA, USA
Hilde Sofie: Hanssen Drammen, Norway
Lesley Hancock-Wittstock WA, Australia   
Eugenia Hernandez Rovelo Chiapas Mexico
Isaac Jones MI, USA
Anuradha Joshi Delhi, India 919868120542
Tia Johnson Philidelphia, PA, USA
Char Jung North Dakota, USA
Cindy Lake NV, USA
Brenni Larson Minnesota, United States
Kirsten  Lesar Auckland, New Zealand
Kelly Lydick Arizona, USA 602-568-3263
Maureen Mills Maryland, USA
Felicia Messina-D'Haiti Maryland,  United States 202-681-6618
Tammy-Lee Moore Ontario, Canada 613-779-7693
Jenny Palmer SA, Australia 
Victoria Schneider New Hampshire, USA 603-668-8494
Lily Sheen California, USA
Karen Yankovich New Jersey, USA

You spend 1/3 of your life in the land of  D R E A M S


Gateway Dreaming coaches assist people in person, in groups, and via distance coaching on the internet and phone.

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